Wilderhaven Nobility

Wilderhaven has an active nobility, with a main branch, and 4 cadet branches of the family. Most members of the nobility marry into the houses from either Traft or Vesthaven, although at least one is married to a noble from the capital.

Normally only members of the Bohren family will hold titles, but the head of the Turner family was granted the Count Deepstill title for services rendered. Michel Bohren would normally have been titled Count Deepstill until he took the ruling title, but his father gave it to Andrée instead, which has been a major sore point in the Bohren family. The only hereditary title is that of Margrave. All remaining titles are granted by the Margrave, and can be revoked at any time.

A titled noble has a noble name in addition to their given names. A titled noble is addressed using their title for all but the most casual occasions. For example, the ruler of Wilderhaven is known as Margrave Wilderhaven, not Elias von Bohren, or even Margrave Elias von Bohren. Similarly, Alain Bohren is addressed Baron Bitterpass. Etc etc. When it would be inappropriate to use the full name, the following guidelines are used for addressing titled nobles:

Margave: Your nobleness
Count: Your eminence
Baron: Your prominence

Non-titled nobles may be addressed as My lord or lady. Some of them care, others don’t.

The Families

The Bohren family. This is the ruling family of Wilderhaven.
Elias and Sophie, and their sons Michel and Simon.
Ivan and Nadja
Vanessa – Note, Vanessa holds knightly vows, and is properly addressed as Dame Vanessa

The Turner family. The primary cadet branch. The head of the Turner family is the Wilderhaven heir in case of disaster.
Andrée and Lara

The Stone-Arm family
Claudio and Nicole and their daughter Nora.

The Hartsman family
Christof and Chloe

The Verhoeven family
Davide and Livia

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Wilderhaven Nobility

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