Wilderhaven Markets

There are three market squares in Wilderhaven. All three offer a wide range of goods. The largest, Grand Square, doubles as the Square of Truth. Mundane items, food, drink etc are the main things bought and sold in these squares, although darn near anything can be found if you look hard enough.

In addition, throughout the city all kinds of shops can be found that cater to many of the more exotic things PCs will ask for, like silk rope, a place to sell 40 falchions, a gruff dwarf who overcharges for adamantium and mithril, and other such things as the PCs might ask for. There are two shops that sometimes carry magical weapons or armor, three that have potions and scrolls, and five that carry other types of magical gear. In addition to the two that sell magical weapons and armor, there are four other places to buy and sell items of that nature, one of which primarily caters to the town guard and militia.

There are two places in Wilderhaven that buy and sell horseflesh, which also includes mules, ponies, donkeys and oxen. They are owned by rivals, and don’t much like each other. Either place will sell you a decent mount, but once you’ve bought from one, the other probably won’t talk to you any more. (Game mechanic: Once you buy from one, the other doubles the price for everything he has if you want to buy, and halves the price for anything you want to sell. If you end up buying/selling to both, then you get the same crappy deal from both.)

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Wilderhaven Markets

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