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The area you have emerged from looks like it was once a keep, but has since been abandoned. The time of day looks to be approximately mid-day, and the air is warm, but not hot. 1 The walls of the keep seem extremely run-down, but one building looks to have had some recent repair work done, and a thin column of smoke comes from the chimney. At the top of the stairs, nearly blocking the way out, is a large stake with a banner on it. 2 The stench of rotting flesh fills the air.

The keep is laid out as a square, with stone walls ~10’ high, with a tower on each corner ~20’ tall. An additional tower of identical height flanks the destroyed gate of the keep. The stonework of the walls and towers is crumbling, and looks to be recently scorched with fire. There are two structures inside the walls, one looks like a stable 3 , and the faint sounds of horse can be heard from your location, and the other (the one that looks repaired) has intact doors, and a roof, along with a chimney with the aforementioned smoke. 4 In between the two staircases is a grisly display. Another stake with the banner on it is surrounded by the dead, mauled, and badly rotting corpses of 10 men and women. 5

Outside the gate the area around the keep had been recently burned away of most foliage to a distance of about 50’ from the walls. Just in front of the barricade is a totally ruined tower that at this point is little more then a pile of rubble.

This entire area seems to be totally deserted of sentient life. 6 A recently cleared path leads away. 7

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