Greyhawk Redux

Back to the Future

The Greyhawk you know is gone. It is nearly 300 years in the past, ancient history for everyone you meet. But not for you. The Greyhawk of 300 years ago was last month, as far as you’re concerned. You don’t know how, you don’t know why, but somehow you have been brought forward in time to a world that has been literally decimated.

Now you live in a world where people like yourself, known as jumpers, are despised by a population who thinks you have cheated death. Constantly risking arrest and probable execution if ever discovered, you must find your own way to survive.

Look through the wiki. Inside you will find towns, people, information. Some will be fact. Some will be rumor. Some will be outright fabrication by those who want the truth suppressed or even rewritten to suit their own needs.

Greyhawk Redux

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