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Greyhawk Redux
House Rules



Towns and Villages

None yet listed

Fortresses and Keeps

Bitterpass Keep
Brock’s Aerie
Perrican Keep

Other Stuff

The Decimation
Time Jumper Policy
Wilderhaven Contract Board

The Players’ Characters

Aroldal Rhuieth – Played by Craig Chakford
Sven Olafson – Played by Mike Barrett
Elsa – Played by Shelly Barrett
Smitty – Played by John Davenport
F’rog (GM controlled NPC) – Played by Greg Jensen

Please note that keeps and fortresses associated with certain cities or towns will also have a link within the city page. In this way, players can quickly learn which keeps are maintained by which city. Some cities will have no associated keeps, while other could have several. Also within city pages will be links to the various things of interest with that city. I chose to do it via links, rather then have a city page end up being a huge section of text. Should be easier to find stuff this way. Comments on this welcome.

This campaign is a continuing work in progress. Some links I am inserting are currently blank, and intentionally so. They are there to let the players know where future content will be available, and also to let me know where I still have work to do. Hopefully as this gets more and more developed, the blank links will be brought down to zero.

I thank you for your patience on the matter.

Main Page

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